Are you tired of:

  • Constantly fighting fires,
  • Creating plans that are outdated before the work completes,
  • Identifying new requirements after the plan has started,
  • Projects that don’t align with the big picture,
  • Rarely achieving all project goals and objectives, or
  • Having lists of enhancements needed the day the project goes live?

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Is your organization struggling with:

  • Digital Transformation,
  • COVID-19,
  • Business Intelligence (BI),
  • Master Data Management (MDM),
  • Putting TOGAF into practice, or
  • Online Services?

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About the Founder

Lisa Pantuso is passionate about business transformation. She has worked with corporate leaders and executives over the past 30-years making their visions and strategies come to life.

She challenges traditional thinking which has set her apart and now she is sharing her techniques and methods through online courses.

Having worked across Finance, Health, Justice, Social, Natural Resource and IT industries Lisa is confident these techniques and methods will work for you and your organization.

Change Must Happen

Shift from reactive to proactive in less than 1 year.

Regardless of your organization’s industry or size, whether it’s private or public change must happen.

Changing an organization is not like changing a building… you don’t create a plan, move out and come back once it is complete.

Organizations must continue to serve their clients while evolving and adjusting as new expectations and regulations come forward and our courses will teach you how.

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Understand how our clients:

  • Identify and run projects that set their organization ahead of their competition,
  • Create solutions that achieve the desired goals
  • Enable the ability to react to environmental impacts such as COVID
  • Encourage team-building and directly address cultural change