I want to help…

I have spent the last 30 years working in the IMIT field and I want to share my experience to help organizations during this uncertain time. My worry is that due to this social distancing it is almost impossible to bring experts in so we must come together and use the resources we have.

During this time it is the strategic resources that can help executives come up with a plan. A plan that will not only help them continue their services but help repurpose their staff so that they are not adding to this economic crisis.

Last week I put out a video showing how Business Architecture can help, and today I am offering my services free of charge. Please reach out if you would like to chat and learn more in addition to that I am creating a package to show step by step how to unleash the power of business Architecture and will make it available free of charge in the coming weeks.

My hope is some good can come out of this crisis…

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Lisa Pantuso

Lisa spent almost 30 years working in both the private and public sectors, and has a reputation for getting things done. As the Government CIO Senior Information Architect she led a cross government Enterprise Content Management initiative. The Provincial ECM Strategy was published in 2012 and recognized as the first Provincial Strategy to be endorsed by all Ministries. In 2020, Lisa left to start teaching others the approaches and techniques that have set her apart.