EA does not happen overnight – tips to help year one

I have said many times that what EA means to me is well orchestrated change… the ability to create a design for the future and work within the current environment through well orchestrated change to realize the vision.

The fact is this is not something that will happen overnight.  One of my favorite sayings is changing an organization is like turning the titanic with a wooden spoon… and some days it feels like the wooden spoon is being eaten by fish.

I want to share three of my techniques for helping an EA Practice in it’s first year…

  1. Start passively – year one is all about “influencing change” … listening, observing, validating the design, and planting seeds.
  2. Educate through example – pick one project, and run it as an EA influenced project to show the benefits and value,
  3. Stay in your lane – think strategically by connecting the dots to ensure:
    •  information flow is not being impacted across the organization,
    • reusable components are used across business areas and departments and
    • priorities and dependencies across all 5 architectural disciplines are not overlooked.

The job of the EA Practice is to create a design and be armed with a million ideas for how to implement it and be able to pivot the thinking based on the environment, priorities and discussions at hand.

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Lisa Pantuso

Lisa Pantuso is passionate about business transformation. She has worked with corporate leaders and executives over the past 30-years making their visions and strategies come to life. Having worked across Finance, Health, Justice, Social, Natural Resource and IT industries Lisa is qualified to help your organization. Lisa is known for creating results and "doing it right", sought after for her ability to lead and engage the full organization through change.

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