How Many EA Architectural Disciplines Focus on the Business Side?

In my eyes, there are 3 EA architectural disciplines that focus on the business side of the organization.

The Business Architect is the obvious one, and they focus on people and processes. They are an expert in how to architect the business for success. The business architect is not necessarily an expert in what your business does for example HealthCare, that is the responsibility of the VP of business and their directors and managers. The business architect is an expert in:

  • analyzing organizational structures and business objectives against the current priorities, industry trends and social movements as a few examples,
  • analyzing and reengineering processes at a strategic level across the organization, and
  • identifying potential business risks and underlying issues.

The business architect works with the people within the organization to ensure the business artifacts and in particular the business roadmap is current and relevant.

The second is the Information Architect, and they quite often get consumed with data which is only part of their domain. The information architect is an expert in how to architect business information, knowledge, data, documents, files, records, web content, and email so that it is accessible, reliable, available, consumable, findable and protected. This is such a critical role and in my eyes it is the secret weapon.

The third is the Application Architect, and they traditionally sit in a very technical roll which I continually challenge. The application architect is an expert in how to architect business activities so that they are efficient, auditable, accurate and position the organization for digital transformation.

I have created a 3 part course demonstrating how I “DO” EA from a business perspective… this clip is an excerpt from that course and talks about the 3 business EA team members.

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Lisa Pantuso

Lisa Pantuso is passionate about business transformation. She has worked with corporate leaders and executives over the past 30-years making their visions and strategies come to life. Having worked across Finance, Health, Justice, Social, Natural Resource and IT industries Lisa is qualified to help your organization. Lisa is known for creating results and "doing it right", sought after for her ability to lead and engage the full organization through change.