Business Architect versus Business Analyst

A huge challenge I always run into is the confusion about the difference between the business architect and business analyst. 

I want to start by talking about what they mean to me because they are two very distinct roles and are equally important.

A capability is the ability to do something – they are what is needed to perform business activities and I am not talking about technology!

A capability is broken down into a number of functions and functions relate to “how to do it”.

So going back to the Architect versus the Analyst

An Architect works with capabilities and capabilities must be looked at from a strategic level and not 300+ business requirements.

An architect does not “solution”.  They stay at the strategic level, connect the dots and work very hard to pinpoint what the senior executives are trying to do… the risks they are trying to address, and the advantages they are trying to create. 

An Analyst works with functions within the capability.

The analyst designs the solution, and work in the operational space. The analyst focuses on business requirements and is an expert in a specific silo or area.

Watch this short clip to see an example

Watch the full clip on the Architect versus the Analyst.

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Lisa Pantuso

Lisa spent almost 30 years working in both the private and public sectors, and has a reputation for getting things done. As the Government CIO Senior Information Architect she led a cross government Enterprise Content Management initiative. The Provincial ECM Strategy was published in 2012 and recognized as the first Provincial Strategy to be endorsed by all Ministries. In 2020, Lisa left to start teaching others the approaches and techniques that have set her apart.