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Too often I see changes just thrown over the wall from development to production, individuals just can’t wait to wash their hands of change. That just doesn’t make sense to me! I believe the underlying cause goes back to the “fighting fire”/ reactive change environments.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how much of an improvement every change had on the bottom line?

That is what the realizing the benefit system is all about…

This system really revolves around that proactive metric based environment we are working towards. Prior to making a change benchmarks must happen so that we know for a fact an improvement was made. Healthy ranges must be defined from the management team so that it is clear when “something” is unhealthy or in need of change. Someone within the organization must be responsible for measuring and monitoring to ensure a hand is raised before a fire ignites.

The lessons within this course will tie it all together and provide the final steps needed to complete the change cycle thus creating well orchestrated and proactive change.

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Using a fictitious organization I will demonstrate how to:

  • Transition project work into production ensuring all assumptions were correct.
  • Set the stage for a metric based environment
  • Continue to build out the Business Architecture and really utilize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Continue to build out the Information Architecture and empower the organization with an ability to learn from key information.
  • Continue to build out the Application Architecture so that all business activities are healthy and performing to their full potential.
  • Tie everything together and complete the change cycle by circling back and demonstrate how to update and evolve the artifacts, reassess priorities and begin looking for new potential change.

Remember my key principle is to continue to evolve as new information comes forward. You never build a plan and work for months implementing it, you must be agile and continually reassess and adjust as new information comes forward.

PLEASE NOTE: The lessons reference EA or Enterprise Architecture although the website has rebranded from EA to OC or Organizational Change… more information here.

Course Instructor

Lisa Pantuso Lisa Pantuso Author

Lisa Pantuso is passionate about business transformation. She has worked with corporate leaders and executives over the past 30-years making their visions and strategies come to life. Having worked across Finance, Health, Justice, Social, Natural Resource and IT industries Lisa is qualified to help your organization. Lisa is known for creating results and “doing it right”, sought after for her ability to lead and engage the full organization through change.

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