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There are a million different ways to achieve an objective, and the path taken will dictate the end result. Understanding the senior executive’s, the ones accountable and liable for the organization priorities as well as their appetite for change is crucial to achieving the correct path.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give the senior executives a list of opportunities and have them prioritize it from 1 to 10?

That is what the prioritize system is all about… the lesson within this course will walk you through the steps.

The first step is to create a list, a list that is not so overwhelming that it is impossible to prioritize. Once the list exists you will learn how to present enough information to the senior executives so that they can make informed decisions and prioritize the list.

This event is free format and will focus on questions and stories related to the lesson within the Prioritize system.

Course Instructor

Lisa Pantuso Lisa Pantuso Author

Lisa Pantuso is passionate about business transformation. She has worked with corporate leaders and executives over the past 30-years making their visions and strategies come to life. Having worked across Finance, Health, Justice, Social, Natural Resource and IT industries Lisa is qualified to help your organization. Lisa is known for creating results and “doing it right”, sought after for her ability to lead and engage the full organization through change.



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