EA to OC

I have rebranded as The Practice of Organizational Change to reinforce that this is a different way of looking at Enterprise Architecture… let’s face it my framework is all about well orchestrated organizational change using architecture.

My goal behind the change is reach more people and organizations. I find that by using the term EA either people’s eyes glaze over or they assume this only relates to IT… both of which are not a positive reaction.  I am also starting to believe that the term Enterprise was created by IT where I have always been using it as a synonym to an organization or business.

I am an Enterprise Architect, I focus on architecting/designing the full Enterprise or Business or Organization… whatever you want to call it. Not only do I focus on the design I continue to work with the organization to ensure the design gets implemented as intended… I want to make sure:

  • assumptions are correct as details are uncovered,
  • the design is interpreted as it was intended,
  • strategic dots are connected, and
  • that the design continues to be relevant as the world evolves, priorities change, advancements happen and expectations change.