Our mission is to change the traditional thinking about what EA is and how it is done and become recognized as the leader in training Enterprise Architects.

Create and implement an Enterprise Architecture Practice…

See how I tackle the first year with these 5 steps:

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Step 1:

Create a Roadmap for the Enterprise Architecture Practice – Understand the areas I consider to be part of EA and then follow my process to build a plan for the Practice. Start by assessing the organization’s EA maturity and readiness.

Step 2:

Brief the Team– I take a very different approach to EA… I do not follow the traditional “IT Focused” thinking which is what has led to my success. This course will show you how I brief the people I will be working with to implement a new EA Practice. It is important everyone is on the same page!

Step 3:

How to “DO” EA Part I – I start by creating a roadmap, a list of activities needed to move the organization from current to future state. Using a fictitious organization this course will walk you through the steps that I take to understand and document an organization’s current and future states. It is this documentation that is analyzed to build the roadmap.

Step 4:

How to “DO” EA Part II – The roadmap is the tool used to evolve and transform the organization. Building upon the fictitious organization this course will show you how I use the roadmap to influence and align projects. The goal is to have the roadmap drive all projects.

Step 5:

How to “DO” EA Part III – The final course shows how to continue growing and evolving the roadmap to ensure it is always relevant and reliable. Priorities, expectations and technical advancements will change and so must the business!