Not sure how to start “DOING EA”?

Every organization whether they realize it for what it is performs Enterprise Architecture activities such as taking an idea and making changes to the business’ operational model.  The benefits of an explicit EA practise is to formalize and create structure around those activities, with a goal to support business objectives.

Too often EA Practises get caught up in capturing and documenting EVERYTHING before showing the value and benefits, also known as the “Ivory Tower” or they don’t start with the business and focus solely on the IT side of the organization and never get the traction needed.

By starting the EA Practice with an Enterprise Architect whose goal is to demonstrate value to the full organization and achieve the respect to sit at the executive strategic planning table will the needed traction be created.

An Enterprise Architect begins to build respect and show value by:

  • quickly translating the organization into a model that will enable everyone to understand business activities and direction
  • leading executive through a prioritization exercise based on risk, value, and functionality measures
  • addressing the cultural change by relieving the anxiety of not knowing what will be changed and the impacts to their day-to-day routine

Implementing Enterprise Architecture using this approach will start the evolution of a new process that will enable the transformation journey.  The goal of the Enterprise Architecture Practice is to become a natural part of the planning and execution process.

Enterprise Architect Track – Course #2

Learn the steps I take… How to Implement a Successful Enterprise Architecture Practice.

Course: Implement Enterprise Architecture

This course contains the topics that I focus on to implement a successful enterprise architecture practice.  Understand the goal and intent behind each topic including some of the keys to my success.

What you will Learn:

  • The topics I cover within the first 3-4 months into the practice to create the most viable consolidated roadmap,
  • The topics I cover to start influencing how change happens.
  • The topics that complete the first year and how I complete the change cycle.

Enterprise Architect Track – Course #3

Learn my approach to implementing a new EA Practice… Creating the Consolidated Roadmap within the first 3-4 months.

Course: How to “DO” Enterprise Architecture – PART I – Creating the Consolidated Roadmap

Understand how to start “DOING EA”… by walking through a mock demonstration using a fictitious organization to show you how I implement the steps from the Implement Enterprise Architecture course. You will understand my thought process and the steps I take to work with an organization and create the consolidated roadmap.

What you will Learn:

  • How to create EA Design Principles,
  • How to identify and document the core business functions and their supporting activities
  • How to analyze the organization to determine business capabilities
  • How to work with the senior executives to determine the business priorities
  • How to create the consolidated roadmap or strategic plan

Enterprise Architect Track – Course #4

Learn my approach to start influencing change within an organization… Using the Consolidated Roadmap to Influence change.

Course: How to “DO” Enterprise Architecture – PART II

Continue “DOING EA”… and learn how I work with the fictitious organization to show you how I use the consolidated roadmap to start changing the way the organization thinks about and implements change.

What you will Learn:

  • How to start influencing project scoping,
  • How to work with projects to ensure all stakeholder business goals and objectives are met
  • How to influence the ways project move into production
  • How start creating the metric-based environment

Enterprise Architect Track – Course #5

Learn how I continue the EA Practice Momentum… Evolving the Consolidated Roadmap to Keep it Current and Relevant

Course: How to “DO” Enterprise Architecture – PART III (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

Continue “DOING EA”… and learn how I work with the fictitious organization to show you how I ensure the consolidated roadmap continues to be a living document.  Understand how to start moving away from a passive role and start driving organizational change.

What you will Learn: