Planning on Starting up an EA Practice?

I have created a short series of videos to help explain what EA is and why every organization can benefit from it.


Enterprise Architecture is led by an Enterprise Architect  and contains five areas of discipline: business, information, application, technical and security.   The Enterprise Architect’s main responsibility is to create a consolidated roadmap or a stepping stone path depicting the activities that need to be completed in order to move an organization’s operational model from its current state to the vision.  This is done by translating the business vision and strategies across all of the 5 architectural disciplines.  The key to a successful EA Practice is how you then use and evolve the consolidated roadmap.

Characteristics that make an Enterprise Architect Successful

Enterprise Architecture puts structure around change to ensure:

  • business goals and objectives are met,
  • projects are aligned to the vision as well as each other and
  • risk and liability vulnerabilities are reduced.

Understand the process behind EA

What an organization “does”, does not change over time but how it is done, where it is done and who does it continues to evolve in order to:

  • meet both staff and client expectations,
  • take advantage of technical advancements,
  • comply with legislation, policy and standards
  • reduce risk and liabilities
  • increase revenue
  • react to environmental impacts such as COVID-19

Why every organization needs an Enterprise Architect

The reporting structure is very important to the success of the EA Practice.

The Enterprise Architecture Practice Team

In summary EA is not an IT “THING”, nor is it about artifacts and documenting everything… EA is a core planning resource.

Organizations exist to “do something”, what they do is their core business and how they do it are the business processes.  Business processes need to continually evolve and change and the consolidated roadmap is the tool to ensure that happens.

Enterprise Architect Track – Course #1

Learn my approach to define a Customized Enterprise Architecture Program.

Course: How to build an Enterprise Architecture Roadmap to Maturity

This course is a step-by-step guide how to determine the customized EA Practice for your organization.

What you will Learn:

  • How to define the goals of the customized EA Practice,
  • How to analyze the organization’s EA maturity level and
  • How to build a roadmap to mature the organization’s EA maturity level.