Tips to Implementing Strategies

From my experience organizations do a great job creating strategies but few are successful at implementing them. I want to explore why that is and provide a couple of tips for how to avoid “failure to launch“.

I believe the root of the problem is directly related to Transformational versus Operational thinking, something I talk about a lot within my courses. Organizations work very hard to separate these two types of changes and in doing so end up creating chaos rather than well orchestrated change.

My first tip is: There can only be 1 roadmap or project plan, and both transformational and operational type changes must feed into it.

Operational work is always the priority and if the environment is a reactive one operational type changes will consume all of the resources causing the strategy to never be realized.

TIP 2: Have operations focus on just keeping the lights on and not looking for quick wins or improvements.

My online courses will show you how to create a roadmap within 4 months, a roadmap that will not only realize the strategic vision but include activities to reduce potential risk and liabilities, add value and comply with changing regulations and expectations. I will show you how to shift from a reactive environment to a proactive one in less than 1 year.