How to Create Well Orchestrated Change!

My last post shared 3 tips for how I start the movement towards well orchestrated change. Today I want to dive in and talk about the approaches I use.

I describe EA as…

Imagine the possibilities through design – I believe you must show value immediately for something to be supported and I do this by creating that first instance of the EA Consolidated Roadmap within a three to four month period. Now I realize there is NO WAY to create a detailed and precise design within four months which is why I start passively. I lead the creation of the MVP (Most Viable Product) or a starting point and then I start participating in “change” to evolve and validate that design.

Make it come alive through projects – I believe you must demonstrate by example for something to be truly understood and I do this by selecting a project to work with… a project to demonstrate what an “EA Influenced Project” looks like. I realize there is NO WAY to walk in and take control of how an organization runs their projects which is why I start passively. I lead the creation of an Architecture Review Board… and I start by running that review board as more of a show and tell. Each meeting focuses on:

  • reusable components,
  • efficiencies that other business areas can take advantage of and
  • a new way of ensuring strategic components and decisions are taken care of.

Which brings me to STAY IN YOUR LANE… I know there are all sorts of architects out there and they range from assorted levels and areas of focus. When I talk about Enterprise Architecture I am talking about the architects that sit at a strategic level. They exist to connect the dots across the organization, they do not specialize in products or systems. These architects focus their attention on ensuring change does not impact the business across the organization. They follow the information flow and business activities across the highest business functions end to end across the organization. They look for patterns across departments searching for ways to bring efficiencies, reduce costs and potential risks and achieve the vision. They must be continuously evolving and testing their thinking against changes being proposed, technology advancements and expectations. They must be willing to put up their hand when contradictions appear.

I have created a three part course… How to “DO” Enterprise Architecture which goes into depth on how I implement the first year of a new EA Practice. I have created a fictitious organization and use it to provide a step by step guide. Watch the following introduction clip… How to “DO” Enterprise Architecture – Using the EA Consolidated Roadmap to Influence Change... to get a preview of the course which is due to release December 2020.

I want to help…

I have spent the last 30 years working in the IMIT field and I want to share my experience to help organizations during this uncertain time. My worry is that due to this social distancing it is almost impossible to bring experts in so we must come together and use the resources we have.

During this time it is the strategic resources that can help executives come up with a plan. A plan that will not only help them continue their services but help repurpose their staff so that they are not adding to this economic crisis.

Last week I put out a video showing how Business Architecture can help, and today I am offering my services free of charge. Please reach out if you would like to chat and learn more in addition to that I am creating a package to show step by step how to unleash the power of business Architecture and will make it available free of charge in the coming weeks.

My hope is some good can come out of this crisis…